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Black Desert On-line – What Number of Character Slots Do You Get Free To Play?

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If you are looking to buy character slots in Black Desert On-line, you’ve come to the appropriate place. Here you’ll learn how much you possibly can spend, how many character slots you get without spending a dime, and how many characters you may have at one time. Whether or not you are experimenting with classes or playing with pals on separate accounts, extra character slots could be very useful. You may buy additional character slots from the Pearl Shop, which is an in-recreation store that sells quite a lot of customization and convenience gadgets. There are different value ranges relying on the variety of slots you want, as well because the server you are enjoying on.

16 stock slots

3D carriage caravanBlack Desert On-line has a restricted variety of inventory slots. You start out with only 16 slots. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to develop your inventory by buying additional storage space from NPCs. In addition, you possibly can promote unwanted gadgets to make extra space. There are also quests that reward you with additional stock area. In Black Desert On-line, there are various alternative ways to earn extra inventory slots. Some of these quests require you to have certain items in your inventory.

The variety of inventory slots is limited in black desert, so if you plan to make use of each inventory slot, you could wish to invest in an expansion. A listing expansion will be useful for players who usually fish. An enlargement of the variety of stock slots will cost you about $14.50. You too can increase the storage slots for all of your characters in the same account.

Another method to earn more loyalty points is to purchase items. In Black Desert Online, you can buy objects and improve your character by spending loyalty points. There are a lot of items that can be purchased with these loyalty points, including gold and items. There are additionally a variety of other things you may purchase with them.

Trials characters

Trials characters are an amazing technique to discover the game’s totally different classes and play round with their abilities. They are often created once the participant has reached degree 60 and have four thousand Ability Factors. Nevertheless, you possibly can delete them at any time if you happen to run out of slots. As soon as you’ve created your character, you’ll be able to test it out in numerous arenas, together with the Battle Arena, the Enviornment of Arsha, the Pink Battlefield, and Savage Rift.

Trial Characters can enter the Battle Area, Purple Battlefield, and Arena of Arsha with their beginning ability stage of 60. They also can receive 4,000 Skill Factors and might buy a variety of gear. Unlike different characters, Trial Characters can’t receive Household Fame, Request Sure Content, or do Challenges (Y). Nevertheless, Trial Characters can still Duel with different characters, though they will not obtain the rewards of Dueling.

If you wish to play Black Desert On-line, you’ll be able to obtain a free trial model for fourteen days. After the trial interval ends, you’ll be able to purchase the sport for actual cash. The trial edition consists of the primary quest line and PvP battles, however it is missing new events and content material.


In Black Desert On-line, there are a number of other ways to get more character slots. You can purchase additional slots by means of the Gem Retailer, which is located in the sport’s money shop. A purchased account will start with 5 character slots, whereas a free account starts with two. Each strategies permit you to utilize the character slots that are available.

To earn extra character slots in Black Desert Online, you should purchase character slot expansion coupons with black pearls. These coupons will be obtained by spending 120 black pearls. After getting purchased the coupons, you possibly can then use them to purchase the characters. This may allow you to have more than one character and to check out different classes. You may as well accumulate boss stamps and black stones with these further characters.

Another strategy to get further character slots is to buy Pearls. Pearls are an effective way to realize storage, which is an actual situation in Black Desert Online. You can too buy storage space from NPCs. You possibly can buy up to 48 slots in total.


There is not any hard and fast rule for how many character slots you get totally free in Black Desert Online. Nonetheless, you possibly can increase the amount you’ve by using character expansion coupons. These will unlock the character slots that are not free. With these, you may get as much as 28 character slots on a server.

Presently, gamers get as much as 4 character slots free on every server. On April twentieth, that number will increase to 5, and the utmost expansion will go up to 10. The bonus is that you would be able to create More Help than one character. This will help you try out different courses without spending cash or deleting your present character.

Moreover the character slots, you may as well commerce resources and meals between your characters. This way, you can feed your black spirit and make tons of silver in the game. It’s also possible to use your alt character to farm for silver in the quint hill. Having an alt character will let you play a unique class and get new tiles. Usually, each player gets three character slots totally free, but you’ll be able to increase these slots by spending one hundred twenty black pearls.

Household Fame

Family Fame is considered one of the main features of Black Desert Online. It lets you generate passive revenue and also can show you how to obtain a Silver tax deduction in the Central Market. Every time you attain 1,000 fame points, you may be able to claim a 0.5 p.c reduction in your taxes. These deductions are calculated for you and every member of your loved ones individually. Furthermore, you’ll be able to take advantage of Household Fame even if you are a beginner participant. It’s because you have already accumulated a whole lot of Silver in the sport and you need to use it to benefit from the Silver Tax Deduction.

You’ll be able to improve your family Fame by accumulating Information Points and Contribution Points. It’s fairly simple to do, but you may need to spend effort and time. The rewards will slowly enhance. If you attain the utmost amount of Fame, you’ll be able to earn nearly 2 billion silver per year. If you’re planning to commerce items, you’ll wish to pay particular attention to the silver deduction fee. As you improve your family Fame, you may as well earn a tax deduction for all your Central Market transactions and an extra Warehouse Capability in your characters.

Having a excessive Family Fame rating will assist you earn higher rewards in Black Desert Online. You will be able to purchase objects from distributors in a faster method. Plus, your character can have the next payout each day. You’ll be able to view your family Fame points underneath your character’s details web page. In case you have greater than 1,000 points, you can get a 0% reduction on silver taxes within the central market, and you may also get a +10% buff in your Drop Rate.

Leveling up

While Black Desert Online means that you can level as fast as you need, there’s additionally a “gentle cap” after stage 50. Because of this leveling up turns into considerably slower after that. Luckily, there are strategies to speed up your leveling, comparable to utilizing buffs and mounts.

The first possibility is to make use of a energy leveler. This service will mean you can unlock new expertise in your character at the identical time you stage up. Utilizing a power leveler will price you a certain quantity of gold, but the service is effectively price the money. Gamers pays these service suppliers to stage their characters in exchange for entry to their accounts.

Another choice is to grind. This method permits you to quickly acquire gadgets that you simply need for your character. Grinding can improve your character’s level, but it isn’t all the time essentially the most pleasing choice. As a substitute, it’s best to aim for a couple of levels ahead of the really helpful stage to make your experience circulation more smoothly.

You may earn XP by completing every day quests. These quests will expire in time, however it is still an excellent strategy to get fast XP. Additionally, you will get plenty of XP from life skills, like mining and chopping timber. However, fishing is probably the most helpful life ability you possibly can study as you play the game. If you want to level up quick, you will have to spend some time gathering fishing gear and standing near a good fishing spot.

Coupons for character expansions

In Black Desert Online, you may buy character expansions with coupons, which you should use to unlock more character slots. To redeem these coupons, first create an account and character. Then you’ll obtain in-recreation mails that contain gifts. Moreover this, you will also be capable to benefit from special GM occasions.

The brand new chapter of Black Desert On-line will launch on 6 April 2022. It can introduce new lands and areas. For example, there will probably be a brand new, treacherous area that will likely be full of latest monsters and enemies. This space accommodates legendary dragons such as the Labreska and mysterious individuals recognized as the Okjinsini. A new class will even be launched: the Dreadwinter Guardian. This new class will probably be a brand new risk for travellers.

Black Desert On-line is a revolutionary motion MMORPG. Gamers can go fishing, farming, and construct homes on this on-line world. They can also take part in large participant versus participant siege events and castle battles. Pearl Abyss, the company that developed the sport, releases codes for free stuff sometimes. By utilizing the codes, you may get items that you want for free in Black Desert On-line.

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